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Deborah Fay

Deborah Fay

Milford, OH


About the Artist...Deborah Fay developed her love of photography though nature. Born in Cincinnati Ohio, most of her life was spent living along the California coast. Trips to see the Great Giant Sequoias, the breathtaking Redwood Forests and backpacking as a teenager in the High Sierras fueled her passion for nature and love of wildlife. A tree hugger long before it was cool; she decided to follow her love of nature and capture the beauty she sees in photos to share with others. Although most of her works feature Mother Nature, once in a while she will go off the beaten path and film something unexpected.

In her photos of nature, she strives to let the beauty of Mother Nature speak for its self in her work. Deborah will tell you, “Mother Nature is the greatest canvas of all. Recently, she was asked who her favorite artist/photographer was. Without hesitation, her response was “God”. That although there were many greats like Ansel Adams and William Henry Jackson, it was God who was the Master Artist. She said, "God has created the beauty we see though our lenses, and gives us the gift of discovering what touches the heart through photography.

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